Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

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We are all familiar with the kind of medical transport that happens in an emergency, an injured person will be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Generally, in these situations someone called 911 and an army of emergency workers showed up. In some cases, a patient will be taken by helicopter to a hospital that is uniquely qualified to care for them. These helicopters, also known as life flight, are used when a patient is in critical shape. These are common modes of transportation in an emergency situation.

But, what happens when someone has a medical issue, that isn’t an emergency? They can ask a friend or neighbor to give them a ride to a doctors office or clinic. Perhaps, a family member will be available. Sadly, that is not the case, for many people. There are too many people who suffer from medical conditions that make it difficult, if not totally impossible to drive or take public transportation. These same conditions will make it necessary to make regular trips to a doctor’s office or clinic. They will need non- emergency transport services. Medical transport services are for anyone who needs medical assistance. There are many good companies out there. They usually have their own specialized vans or ambulances. These medical transport companies will be able to handle wheel chairs or other special needs.

What if you need to get to a doctor or hospital that is miles away. For patients that need specialized care that can only be performed miles away, some medical transport companies have their own planes. They can fly patients there or arrange to have them flown. Just as life flight can shuttle patients quickly between hospitals, medical transport planes can shuttle patients to hospitals far away, sometimes to other cities.

Long distance medical transport can, and is, a wonderful thing. They are dedicated professional who truly wish to help. The problem is all businesses need money to stay in business. Some types of insurance will pay for non- emergency medical transport services. Most government insurance plans will either pay for or arrange medical transport for their clients. Private insurance, may or may not pay for medical transport services. Checking with the insurance company ahead of time would be wise. Also, calling around to different places to get estimates. Using medical transport services, can be very expensive. Finding a service that has the right kind of transport, as well as one that can either take your insurance or work with you, before you need it is important. There are a few charities or low cost agencies, but most only offer services to children.

It is one thing to have a van that can deliver a client to a doctors office or hospital, being trained for a medical emergency is another. Ambulance services are required to have trained medical techs or paramedics. A non-emergency medical transport company is not.